The Caves

At WetWellies we select the caves to suit you and your group. We are very lucky to be only 20 minutes from the Mendip Hills and only a couple of hours from South Wales, where there are caves in abundance.

Caves do not exist just anywhere. We are often asked if there are any caves near London, for example. The unfortunate answer is ‘no’. Caves like to form in certain types of limestone rock and these pockets of limestone are most significant in Mendip, South Wales, Derbyshire and Yorkshire. There is also a small group of caves in Devon and Scotland.

This means that cavers have to travel. Cavers usually belong to clubs and many have their own buildings or ‘huts’ to provide sleeping, cooking and washing facilities.

In this section we’ll tell you all about the caves you can visit with WetWellies Caving.

Swildons Hole   Mendip

Goatchurch   Mendip

Bath Swallet / Rods Pot   Mendip

Bridge Cave   South Wales

Little Neath River Cave   South Wales