Goatchurch Cave

WetWellies caver enjoying her adventure in ‘The Drainpipe’, Goatchurch cavern. Image: WetWellies Caving

Goatchurch is the ideal place to learn to cave. A warm, dry cave which was once almost turned into a show cave, the large entrance is welcoming and the initial passages are walking height.

Situated in Burrington Combe, cavers can enjoy a scenic walk up the gorge, before heading up a short hill to the two entrances to the cave. The original entrance is large and spacious and a gentle introduction for beginners. Just inside you may find bats and will come across some man made steps and old railings, where the cave was once considered suitable for a show cave.

Never far from an entrance, cavers can enjoy a gymnasium of obstacles and for the adventurous, visit the ‘drainpipe’ near the end.

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MCRA Goatchurch Cavern                 Level: 1 Suitable for beginners.