About Christine

Christine after cave diving exploration in Garrel, France

Christine Grosart is a front line Paramedic, based in Somerset, UK. She is also an Offshore & Diver Medic, working in the North Sea.

When she is not attending to emergencies, her whole life is dedicated to cave exploration, cave diving and any excuse to get outdoors and up onto a mountain or underground!

Chris is one of a very small number of cave divers who are equally happy ‘resurgence flopping’ in the gin clear vistas of Florida and France with multiple stages of trimix and scooters, as in the Uk mud sumps, involving arduous caving on the way to and beyond the dives.

In 2009, she visited the far reaches of Wookey Hole Cave in Somerset, achieving a new women’s cave diving record in the UK.

Christine left school at 16, studying for her A levels and a degree in Geosciences with the Open University in her spare time, whilst dedicating 10 years to a career in horse racing. She worked for several top trainers and her claims to fame include riding in steeplechases and partnering high class horses in their daily work, such as ‘Shooting Light’ and ‘Pivotal Point’.

A lifelong family connection with potholing led to her taking up cave diving in the UK in 2005 and a change of career to fund it! Both her parents were divers and her mother, Pauline, had always dabbled in caving, running the Wessex Cave Club bunkhouse for 7 years. Christine’s Uncle, Phil, has been a caver since university and the Mendip Hills and the Hunters Lodge Inn were the regular haunts throughout her childhood and teenage years.

Chris ascending the Aven du Rocas, a newly discovered vertical cave system in France.

Her mother belonged to a BSAC diving club but, despite learning the basics of scuba at the age of 14, Chris chose to put her time and energy into racehorses and left diving aside until she began diving through the Cave Diving Group of Great Britain.

She is qualified as a full and sidemount cave diver through The CDG, IANTD and Cave 1 with Global Underwater Explorers. She is also trimix qualified through GUE.

She has supported divers such as Rick Stanton in pushing the limits of caves including the Fontaine de Truffe and the Marche Pied.
Chris has successfully headed up cave diving exploration of her own and currently has the end of the line in two caves in France and has pushed the dry cave beyond sumps in a third. She has also organised exploratory trips in Croatia and has the end of the line in a deep cave near Rijeka.

Chris has enjoyed classic caving trips across France and the Uk, such as the Pierre St Martin, Dent de Crolles, ‘The Far North’ in Dan Yr Ogof, ‘Maytime’ in Agen Allwedd and ‘Dog Leg’ and ‘War of the Worlds’ in Ogof Draenen. She has been fortunate to have dived at Wakulla Springs in Florida.

In 2010, she completed a degree in Paramedic Science with the University of the West of England and has spent several years studying Geosciences with the Open University. Chris is also a project manager for Project Baseline South Wales Caves and Secretary, team diver and underwater photographer for Ghost Fishing UK.

Chris is available for talks across the UK and Europe and she is a fully accredited level 2 cave leader, offering caving trips to the public.