• Christine Grosart

Life on the Ocean Wave

Updated: Feb 16, 2020

This is my new office.

Several hundred nautical miles from land, somewhere between Shetland and Norway, my medical bay is quiet.

I can’t hear any radios screeching for ambulances to clear, no controllers watching my every move, no drunks rolling in their own vomit – alcohol is not allowed offshore.

I’m on board the Olympic Areas, a spanking new ‘multi purpose’ vessel designed for the oil and gas industry. She’s a Norwegian vessel and I’m enjoying the copious amounts of salmon for lunch – and dinner. Olympic Ares Having left full time employment in the NHS early in 2017 and trained for over a year as an Offshore Medic and Diver Medic, the opportunity came quickly to leave dry land and head out to the oil rigs of the Thistle Field. I was flown to Aberdeen by business, my hair grew long, I ate some fantastic food and the 80+ crew on board were super polite and a pleasure to be around. This is just as well as I was on board for 5 weeks! It meant I couldn’t take any WetWellies bookings over the summer but fear not, we’re back in business this winter – so best to book before I vanish again!

Thistle Alpha lit up at night.


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