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  • Christine Grosart

"I don't want a wash - I'm on holiday!"

Well, we finally made it to Dover.

Our Gouffre Berger plans have gone to the dogs, having received a message that the organisers are de-rigging early due to weather and 'people'.

I suspect not enough to de-rig at the end of the week, and now they are two less as we aren't going to bother going - given that all the rope will be out of the cave by the time we get there.

I can't say I'm that disappointed, but it would have been nice to at least have the opportunity. We couldn't get down any earlier and doing the trip would have been something of an inconvenience given the fairly busy schedule we have in the Herault - so really, it has been forgotten about.

We've boycotted P&O after they gave a fellow cave diver a hard time and went with DFDS (or Norfolkline) and they took one look at our overpacked van and ran away......

We made good time through Paris and have stopped at an F1 in Orleans, where I tried to coax Rich into the shower, only to be met with a protest that he was on holiday and didn't need a wash!!


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