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  • Christine Grosart

Just a little afternoon trip...

Updated: Feb 16, 2020

What utter Bo****ks!!

There was a lot of lounging about on the campsite going on...people under the illusion that they were on holiday and so I suggested a 'little afternoon trip' - only 2 hours underground, only half an hours drive away.

So we packed our wetsuits and headed off to a lovely little cave called the 'Foux de Lauret'.

Three hours later we managed to find the correct parking spot as my memory from my last and only trip in the cave in 2007 had faded completely!

Once found, we walked up the path, only to take the wrong left turning which started to feel 'wrong' somehow and after a lot of sweating and bush bashing - in wetsuits - we returned to go a bit further and find the correct path and the chain which led to the small cave entrance, perched precariously on the edge of a cliff with a fairly terminal drop below. The only protection was a small tree which had seen better days....

Elaine in the lakes - by Chris Grosart

The entrance crawl goes on far too long and is almost unbearable in wetsuits - but we soon met with the first of the lakes and cooled off and I took the opportunity to take a photo I had wanted for some time.

A while later and we finally found the correct turning to the large main passage and river with large gours - but failed to find the beautiful crystal gours I had seen last time. Obviously turning 30 has some effect on my otherwise good memory :-(

It was a fun trip and we took just an hour to the exit where we were met with a humid, thundery evening.

Desperate for food, we hunted down beer and pizza and turned in for the night.

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