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  • Christine Grosart

Learning the Ropes

​Andras Kuti arrived last night and is very keen to help us with our project and do some cave diving in an area unfamiliar to him.The first job was to teach him SRT - Single Rope Technique, used for negotiating vertical pitches in caves.

We use 'Alpine' technique which uses thinner ropes and fairly technical rigging to keep them away from hazards such as waterfalls and sharp rock.

So, we had breakfast and found a suitable tree to get practising in.

The plan later was to take some bottles and diving gear up to the entrance of the Perdreau to save a lot of time the next day and also to introduce Andras to SRT underground - also to familiarise him with the pitch, which is a little complicated owing to cable cars and pulleys and extra hauling ropes.

Once happy on the ropes going up and down, we did some change-overs - so changing mid rope from up to down and vice versa. Then we did some land drills for passing rebelays and deviations. All went well and we got underground.

Chris squeezes through the entrance choke

Andras did very well and we spent an hour or two getting familiar with the pitch and it was dark when we returned. All was set for the next day, all the gear carried to the entrance and ready to put in the cave for the push dive.


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