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  • Christine Grosart

Not the Avencas

Updated: Feb 16, 2020

The storm in Montpellier last Sunday not only killed several people, but really messed up the sumps in the region.

We learned from Jean Tarrit, our good friend from CLPA and also the lady at the campsite that only 15mm was forecast.

In fact, about 1.6 metres fell and the result was a shock for this time of year and devastating for the people in Montpellier.

It was sobering to realise that the meteo office could get it so wrong - and had we arrived several days earlier, I have no doubt there would have been a fatality.

In the morning, we were greeted by GERSAM, a local caving club and also Jean Tarrit and we had lots of coffee and conversation. We cursed the weather, but also made plans for the times ahead.

We were very pleased to meet Pierre from GERSAM who had been sorting out access with the local mayor and the group were excited to see the radio-location equipment.

We made an attempt today to go and visit Grotte Avencas, but as it was so close to the Bueges valley, I was not hopeful that it would be diveable.

Ashley got in first and declared it 'Fucked'.

We took our gear back to the campsite and got in the swimming pool. We wondered if that was the closest we would get to diving....

Dutch neighbours...

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