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  • Christine Grosart

The French Meteo

Updated: Feb 16, 2020

Vis Gorge, Herault, France

Rich and I drove the last few hours to camping le Val d'Herault and the Dutch gang had already headed over to Coudouliere to check out the entrance and see if scooters would fit.

Rich and I drove down the stunning Vis gorge. We hung our heads out of the windows, trying to see if the river was looking the right colour.

It did not look right to me.

We crossed the bridge at St Bauzille de Putois and there was definitely too much water of the wrong colour.

As we drove to the campsite, everything looked green and there had clearly been plenty of rain - but it had not been forecast.

We did a quick supermarket shop and headed over to Coudouliere to find the guys had brought all their gear to the entrance - but on looking at the sump, this trip was clearly not going ahead.

Meanwhile, Rich and I paid a quick visit to the source de Bueges and it was high and a vile colour. We were in no doubt that the Coudouliere exped was over for 2015.

At Coudouliere, we found Pedro Balordi blowing up the boulder choke to get the suex cowlings through. They figured this needed doing in any case for a return trip.

The gear made it's way back to the cars and we headed into the camp site to re-adjust, unpack the exped gear and touch base with the French cavers to make plans for the next few weeks.

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