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  • Christine Grosart

The Last Leg

The last part of the journey to the Languedoc is quite hilly and scenic. We are treated to the magnificent Millau bridge. This wasn’t built when I first came here and it knocks a good 2 hours off the journey. Rich enjoyed coffee and cake at the Aire just before the crossing. Despite being one of the tallest bridges in Europe and extremely impressive, it is still cheaper to cross than the severn!

Our ‘canvas bungalow’ is very cosy, with loads of storage space and a nice patio, with some decking out the back for privacy and parties!

We moved in straight away and I don’t miss the faff of putting up a large tent one bit.

Plenty of time for a dip in the pool, followed by cold beer in the bar (which sadly shuts at the end of the season on Friday) and Rich’s excellent spag bol.


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