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  • Christine Grosart

"An amaaaaazing trip"

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

Well, that's what Ian said - which was awfully nice of him!

But then, I do just seem to get awfully nice people contacting my little caving business 'WetWellies' (named as a joke, now it has stuck) wanting to head on an underground adventure. Last month I honestly didn't know how I would get things started back up again.

Ian in the 'Wet Way', Swildons Hole

Whilst the Covid-19 pandemic had lulled, we were not out of the woods and still aren't.

Luckily owing to my work offshore, writing policies, risk assessments and procedures is quite familiar to me.

So I sat down and tried to work out how to do it, whilst taking a sneak peek at how other outfits were doing things.

WetWellies Gift Cards are a great way to give someone a very special and unique birthday, anniversary or Christmas present.

Normally you have 12 months to make use of them but as I'm often working offshore and Covid-19 has obviously set us back, we're pretty flexible.

We can arrange a mutually agreed day and time to have that amazing underground experience.

We are often asked how young or old you have to be.

Well, we've taken children as young as 5 caving - and they've brought their own adults in excess of 70 years young!

But with Covid-19 causing issues with a 'hands on' approach to safety, we recommend that younger children may need to wait a little while.

Sophie and Baxter getting to grips with the caves

"The pre briefing and induction via Zoom the night before was fascinating and was a perfect preparation for what was a most exciting and interesting trip.

This was during the Covid crisis and her attention to care and safety encompassed those issues as well as the safety aspects of the caving trip."


We have had to make a few alterations. The pre-trip briefing over Zoom has been really popular (we can use Skype or any platform you prefer) and that is something that might stay for some time, if not permanently.

We are currently only taking a maximum of 4 people and they must be from the same household or 'bubble'.

We are only running Level 1 trips at present, removing the requirement for 'hands on' at the head of pitches but these can be half day or full day (midweek for full day only).

We advise wearing a buff or cloth face covering to put on when passing other cavers on when in close proximity to others. We carry hand gel, wipes and unfortunately at the moment we have to get changed outdoors.

This is not ideal but so far our clients have risen to the challenge and frankly, haven't batted an eyelid.

They are just pleased to be able to have their adventure and I'm just pleased that I can provide it again.

"Christine's calm and friendly approach gave us confidence

that we were in safe hands and well looked after.

I would definitely recommend caving with Wet Wellies,

and am looking forward to our next trip already."


Sophie enjoying the climb in the 'Wet Way' Swildons Hole

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