• Christine Grosart

Autumn Atlantis

Updated: Feb 16, 2020

Autumn saw my final trip of 2019 on the Atlantis. The divers were working a little shallower and I had a reasonably quiet trip. We were treated to some stunning sunsets and the views from my cabin were pretty cool too.

View from my cabin in the south north sea.

I was very happy to be invited to talk at the Birmingham dive show yet again. I'm lucky to have such a wide range of topics to talk on.

Last year I talked about my cave diving exploration project but this year I was able to talk on Ghost Fishing.

This was doubly exciting as Ghost Fishing UK had a stand at the dive show for the first time and it was definitely the best thing we had ever done in terms of outreach.

We raised a huge amount of cash for the charity and all the volunteers on the stand, working for free all weekend, were flat out from the second the doors opened.

My talks on the Diver stage were packed, especially Sunday which was several layers deep in standing room only.

There is clearly an appetite for divers to help the aquatic environment and we are very happy to provide them with a pathway to making a real difference.


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