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Ghosts and Films

The Ghost Fishing UK team in Scapa, 2018

It was that time of year again and the Ghost Fishing UK crew headed back up to Orkney again. And we got sick, again.

It was a full house with 2 boats and 24 divers, one of which had brought the bubonic plague with them.

Girls that Scuba! Christine (me), Gemma Thompson and Liz Kent

The team cleaned up a load of old fishing gear in Scapa Flow and we trained a bunch more divers and Ghost Fishing instructors.

I managed 2 days diving until my health plummeted and I struggled and didn’t recover for several weeks afterwards, missing out on some critical oil rig work in the process.

I met some new friends and amazing people but I wasn’t the life and soul of the party. Something was telling me to take a break.

Dahlia Anemone and Common Hermit Crab. Images: Christine Grosart

Several weeks later, my friend Jayme and I went to the Ocean Film Festival in Bristol to run a Ghost Fishing UK stand and watch some inspiring films about the oceans and those who strive to protect them.

The ocean plastics issue was hard hitting and although the event was somewhat preaching to the converted, it still inspired me to do more and try harder to reduce plastic waste and make even more changes.


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