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Go plastic Free! (ish)

Villanelle; Killing Eve, Season 1

At home, our bathroom looks very different to a year ago, when there was always a collection of shampoo, conditioner and plastic shower gel bottles, often 2 or 3 in reserve for those longer trips away.

I figured I was saving the world by buying huge bottles of shampoo and conditioner and decanting into small travel size bottles which I reused for trips away, saving on buying more at airports.

I wouldn’t compromise on face wash in plastic squeezy bottles as I like my clear skin and want to keep it that way.

Litter pick from a 10 minute walk on a beach on Orkney

My voluntary work through Ghost Fishing UK made me realise just how big the plastic pollution problem is and how each and every one of us are responsible for this unstoppable plastic tide that is choking animals, causing birds to starve (birds feeding their chicks plastic…how can anyone ever think that is OK?) and now it is in our food chain - and us.

We have become so dependent on plastic that we are pretty much blind to it.

It’s not until you start to try and reduce your personal plastic consumption that you realise not only how much you get through each day, but how hard it is to avoid.

It is tempting to put all my personal changes and suggestions down in one blog post, but rather like reducing plastic, it has to be done little at a time to be sustainable.

Lucy Siegle presents the first British 'Plastic Free Awards' 2019

So, I’ll be trickling out blog posts throughout 2020 (and doubtless beyond) with some top tips and info for reducing plastic use, especially single use plastics.

I’ll be focusing on just one area in each blog and I invite you to comment and tell everyone if you tried it, how you are getting on and if you’re ready to make the next change.

Giving up plastics completely, especially in the medical field where I work, is pretty much now impossible. But wasteful single use products and habits are easy fixes.

BBC One Show presenter Lucy Siegle has produced a superb book on the subject. Well

researched, funny and suitable for everyone regardless of how busy you are, or if you travel a lot (like me).

So, let us begin with the bathroom.

Long hair is always an issue and trying to find that perfect Shampoo and Conditioner bar is fraught with issues and sticky moments.

I’ve tried several different ones, at some expense, but I’ve finally found the winning formula.

Non Plastic Beach, a husband and wife partnership have set up their plastic free bathroom (among other things) shop and I highly recommend their shampoo bars.

Pros: Lather up super fast, smell gorgeous and need very little even for thick, long hair. Lasts about a month. Weighs very little, great for travel. Comes wrapped in cardboard and paper - no plastic here!

Cons: Pricey! But to take the edge off it, why not buy yours through the Ghost Fishing UK Shop, supporting a charity at the same time.

I switched from large shampoo and Conditioner bottles to bars,

saving at least 24 plastic bottles a year.

Are you ready to make the switch?

Conditioner is often the toughest. Conditioner bars rarely feel like conditioner and don’t really do a good job.

Look no further! Non Plastic Beach have 2 flavours of conditioner bar, my personal favourite is the Eternal Summer bar.

I have long, thick, curly and greasy hair which is brittle at the ends. Basically, the worst hair ever. This conditioner is silky, you need very little of it and if you leave a tiny amount in, your hair feels soft and amazing with NO greasiness or stickiness.

Fancy giving it a whirl?

Let us know in the comments how you got along and tell us about other changes you've made to try to go plastic free!

How our bathroom looks now!


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