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Happy Camping

The UK is a bit of a madhouse at the moment, with people flocking to the coast trying to grab some rays.

We've decided to stay local to home in the Mendips and continue prepping the dive wagon for when things are less 'chaotic'.

I once passed comment on a friend's cave diving article about the use of caving lights beyond sumps (flooded passages) and I pointed out that the only real use for a Petzl Tikkina was to find your sleeping bag in a tent in the dark!

So that's what we use them for. Lightweight, using AAA batteries and easy to hang up in the dive wagon for when you need to rummage around in the dark.

Fernand Petzl was a caver and lived close to the Dent de Crolles mountain in the Chartreuse region of France. I've enjoyed phenomenal caving in this stunning region and Petzl, apart from record breaking cave exploration feats, began making caving equipment and then expanded into climbing and skiing gear.

It is one of the worlds most trusted and respected outdoor brands.

The author Christine: Dent de Crolles, France

Don't forget your fire extinguisher!

Most fires in vehicles are electrical so powder extinguishers are most appropriate. Messy, yes, but they may well save your vehicle and everything in it.

Store it where it is easy to get to from the cab and familiarise yourself with the instructions.

It wasn't me!

The two camping items that folk seem to always forget are a sieve - and a can opener! Don't rely on ring pulls!

A small chopping board is always handy, kitchen scissors and a decent spatula and set of tongs are always handy.

Don't forget the wine bottle opener and a decent sharp chopping knife is important.

These collapsible washing up bowls are perfect for van camping and are super space savers.

Make sure you get ones with handles to make carrying them around a campsite easier.

I use a mini refillable washing up bottle and a good size ball of metal wire sponge for hard to clean pans.

Don't forget cloths and a tea towel.

In the last blog I showed you the new van curtains which are super cool. But I couldn't seem to find a way of blocking out the large rear window. I've found this blackout blind which can be easily cut to size and I have suckers which I can attach to the window as I don't fancy having velcro stickers over the rear door.

All you need now is a good book, some snuggly fleece throws, sleeping bags (or duvet, as you wish) and some pillows.

And some wine of course!

So far we've camped out on our driveway! Rules: Only allowed indoors for the toilet or more booze! The neighbours didn't bat an eyelid as they are equally as mad. We even brewed coffee and made bacon sandwiches much to the amusement of the morning dog walkers.

Soon I'll be looking at awnings, extensions and comfy ways to get changed in and out of caving and diving gear.

My good friends the Burkeys came up with this 'ingenious' idea for changing in blood curdling weather in the Yorkshire Dales.

Caving instructor and roving cave gear shop Starless River happened to be passing. Tony Seddon leaned out of the window and stated that he didn't know whether to be impressed - or appalled!

Once we are able to head out properly, we'll blog on our adventures, little trips away and much longer road trips with Agnetha.

Who knows when that will be.

But some day soon, I hope...

About the author:

Christine Grosart is an offshore Paramedic. In her free time, she is a cave diver, caving instructor and trustee for the charity Ghost Fishing UK.

She is one of the world's leading cave diving explorers and writes blogs and articles about her adventures, inspiring other women to take on the next challenge.

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