WetWellies offers everyone the chance to go caving.


WetWellies nurture our clients and support them in their progression should they wish to continue visiting the caves they have enjoyed so much.

WetWellies offer the highest quality coaching, education, instruction and leadership.

We offer Try Caving sessions and courses to introduce you to the wonderful underground environment in the safest, most educational and enjoyable way possible.

   Level 1  Introduction to Caving – Try Caving Experience

  • Half day (one cave) or Full day (2 caves)

  • Meet & Greet

  • Slideshow and talk covering:

  • Cave formation & geology

  • Cave conservation

  • Cave life

  • Subterranean code of conduct

  • Equipment/clothing selection and fitting

  • Safety briefing

  • Underground wild cave excursion/s tailored to the client/group

  • Basic cave navigation 

  • Photography/video of your experience

Level 2   Intermediate Caving Experience Day

  • Full Day

  • Suitable for cavers with previous experience (Level 1 with WetWellies as a minimum)

  • Meet & Greet 

  • Clothing selection and fitting

  • Introduction to level 2 personal equipment including: Harnesses, cowstails  and karabiners.

  • Level 2 coaching including ladder climbing techniques

  • Safety Briefing

  • Underground wild cave excursion/s tailored to the client/group at level 2 (includes at least one vertical pitch)

  • Photography/video


Level 2   Caver Coaching Day

  • Suitable for progressing cavers who want to improve their skills.

  • Coaching days are held in wild cave and on the surface.

  • Bespoke to the client and can include: Vertical pitches 

  • Underground navigation  

  • ‘What if’ emergency scenarios

Level 2   Caver Progression Course

  • Two or four Full Days

  • No previous experience required. Courses tailored to suit the individual and groups.       

  • Meet & Greet – trip planning workshop

  • Clothing selection and fitting

  • Introduction to level 2 equipment including: Harnesses and cowstails; Ladders and climbing techniques; Caving ropes, care and maintenance; Caving knots &              introduction to using hand-lines.

  • Introduction to hardware, karabiners and abseiling devices

  • Pitch safety & traverse lines

  • Safety Brief


Four day courses incorporate all Level 1, 2 and extended training.

We educate cavers wanting to improve their skills and can run bespoke courses at the client's request.

These can include:

  • Vertical pitches 

  • Ladders and life-lining 

  • Introduction to abseiling 

  • Emergency scenario training 

  • Hauling and lowering heavy loads such as scuba cylinders  

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